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from £295.00

Exclusively for weddings, all-day, evening only or ceremony and reception.


Our bespoke service tailored to your requirements is much more than just selecting the right music to play, keeping the dance floor alive or creating an atmosphere that will be remembered forever, it's about you..


Everything is customisable!  From the music to the colour of the lighting, make your big day how you want it, even have your names lit on the dance floor! 


We have some great ideas to transform your disco into an event of a lifetime.



from £295.00

Disco 5.jpg

Birthdays, Engagements, Anniversaries and other special occasions.


I have a vast choice of music no matter what the occasion and you have total control over the playlist with the online music request facility that not only stipulates your likes but also the tracks you don't wish to be played.


Experienced - I have over 30 years experience DJing on a weekly basis at over 1000 events!


Reliable - I always turn up to an event.  In the rare case of contracting an illness I have many DJ's in my contacts list that I could recommend but I'm pleased to say that I have NEVER had to cancel a booking, ever.

Corporate Events

from £295.00

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A DJ is among the most versatile musician when it comes to entertaining a large crowd due to having a wide repertoire of music genres and requiring a high specification sound system.

With over 10 decades of popular music from virtually all genres I have accrued an impressive collection of music that will keep even the pickiest of guests entertained.

I can provide P.A. and lighting equipment suitable for 50 guest occasions up to 1000+ arena style events both indoor and outdoor.  My RCF 932a satellites (132dB SPL) coupled with a pair of RCF 8003-AS II subwoofers (135dB SPL) deliver superb quality at an exceptional volume and are also available for hire too.

Under 18's Disco

from £195.00

Childrens Party.jpg

Children's Birthday Parties, Teenager's Discos, School Events, Christenings and Holy Communions.


Lots of fun for all ages from toddlers to teenagers.


Prize Party - Full of prizes, props, bags of sweets and fun stuff like glow sticks, punch balls and toilet rolls! I have developed some great games to play with the most unusual items.

UV Bubble Party - No games, just a big party dancing under a cloud of Ultra Violet Bubbles, smoke and laser lighting.  Ideal for teenagers.  (Check with venue for use of smoke machine before booking)

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