GENERAL CONDITIONS: Confirmation of your booking will be made by email or telephone.  All tariffs are subject to change without notice.  If for any reason your performance can not be fulfilled by The Mobile DJ Company Ltd an alternative disco service may be arranged by ourselves at our expense or deposits will be returned.  All equipment is subject to availability and used according to the rules of the venue and health and safety where we see fit.  Please ensure that the Disc Jockey is able to remove all equipment immediately after the performance finishing as a return visit to the venue is chargeable at a fee of £50.00.  Childrens parties must finish before 5pm on fridays, saturdays or sundays otherwise a £50.00 evening surcharge will apply.



CANCELLATION: A booked event cannot be cancelled or modified except in writing by either the Client or Disc Jockey.  If Client initiates cancellation from date of paying deposit, then only the reservation deposit will be forfeited.  If Client initiates cancellation more than 30 days prior to the event, then The Mobile DJ Company Ltd will hold deposit until Client books another event with The Mobile DJ Company Ltd within 14 days of cancellation for a substitute engagement performed in the following 6 months subject to availability.  Bookings cancelled within 14 days of the event will result in the loss of the deposit and any balance already paid.  Rescheduling events are subject to availability.



PROVISIONS: The Client shall ensure that: (1) suitable access to the venue is obtainable by Disc Jockey up to at least one hour before and after the performance is scheduled; (2) performance facility provides Disc Jockey with a performance area and or stage approximately no smaller than 50 square feet; (3) Performance area shall be within 5 metres of two reliable 32-amphere ring circuit (3-prong earthed) sockets for audio and lighting effects and is not connected to a sound limiter; (4) Ceiling height is at least 2.25 metres from performance area; (5) venue meets all health and safety regulations and has all appropriate music licenses and performance permits where applicable; (6) reasonable steps will be taken to protect The Mobile DJ Company Ltd's equipment, personnel, and music, and crowd control provided if warranted; (7) for outdoor performances, shelter is provided that completely covers and protects The Mobile DJ Company Ltd's equipment from adverse weather conditions; (8) The Disc Jockey is informed at the beginning of the evening of any guest who suffers from epilepsy or a similar condition; (9) Prizes for children’s party games are to be provided by the client unless our Children's Party Pack option is purchased, typically 2 ‘pass the parcels’ and approximately 8 mixed-sex prizes for a 2 hour session.



LIABILITY: Client accepts full responsibility and is liable for any damages, injuries, or delays that occur as a result of failure to comply with these provisions.  In the event of circumstances deemed by the Disc Jockey to present a real or implied threat of injury or harm to Disc Jockey, equipment, or recordings, then Disc Jockey reserves the right to cease performance until such time as Client resolves the threatening situation.  Disc Jockey further reserves the right to restrict use of any equipment or machine if he feels any aspect of health and safety is at risk and deny any guest access to recordings or equipment.  In the unlikely event the Disc Jockey’s performance is delayed, liability is limited to providing Client with performance time equal to time lacking.  When feasible, Client requests for extended playing time during event will be accommodated and charged at Disc Jockey's discretion.  Payment is due at time of request, and may only be made with cash.  Disc Jockey holds all appropriate insurances for their equipment, personnel and public liability.